Tense & Release

Zenniam _ Tense and release rainbow palm tree clouds black and white
TENSE & RELEASE // With the amount of uncertainty and bad news that we are being bombarded with from all angles it is easy to get a bit overwhelmed.
This is a quick and easy exercise for releasing some of this tension and build-up of emotions or stresses. Tense up your whole body, hold it for a count of 5 and then release. Repeat as often as you need.

Try just tensing your hands and releasing if you are feeling overworked; or your legs if you are sitting for long periods.

Think of this process of tensing up as a moment of gathering all of your anxieties and the things that are building up or weighing you down. When you release, imagine that the freedom and relaxation you feel from letting go has also helped to take with it some of those accumulated tensions.

Keep holding and releasing until you feel ready to move forward with your day, hopefully, now with a much clearer head and relaxed body.