Zenniam Meditation Blog Post

MEDITATE // Now that we have so much time to spend on our own, we often find that our minds run away with random thoughts, while others stumble over each other to obtain our attention. This can leave us feeling agitated and out of sorts.

Meditation is widely accepted now as a way to clear our minds, settle our thoughts and relax our bodies.

There are a multitude of ways to practice meditation. Some are silent, some are guided, some even include mantras. You can sit or lie, with your eyes open or closed.
There really is no fixed rule, it is trial and error as to what works best for you. So, do not be burdened with trying to do it right, just be happy to experiment, and l am sure you’ll stumble on what feels comfortable for you.

One thing is for sure, if you can adopt the practice of meditation into your daily routine, even for a brief session, I believe that your life will be better for it.
One extremely easy welcome to meditation is through an app called,’ Inside Timer’. This app holds thousands of meditations, by a huge range of teachers, covering a massive variety of practices. They include: sleep, morning wake up, inspiration, manifestation, relax, resilience, comfort and far too many more to list.

They are easy to follow, you can select the time that you want and soon enough you will find teachers that you like to follow.

It costs nothing to join (but the subscription is cheap if you want to give back) so it is definitely worth a try, and what better time to add a new experience to our slowed down lives.