Modern Love Letters

Zenniam _ Modern Love Letters red heart wall graffiti

LOVE LETTERS FOR MODERN TIMES // We look back at old movies, or if we are really lucky at boxes stored in dusty cupboards, and admire the romanticism of old letters sent to friends, family and lovers, from times when communication was hard and life was often harder.

This is such a simple and beautiful skill to reintroduce as a way to connect in a time when connecting can be so difficult but is so sought after by so many people feeling lonely and isolated.

In fact, computers now make this a very easy process, and printers ensure that the old romantic touch is still present.These letters definitely don’t have to be love letters but they do have to be heartfelt.

Let those people close to you, or that you admire, or that have inspired you, know that they have a special place in your life.

Let them hear that their life has had a positive influence on yours. It may because they are your soul mate, your soul sista, a mentor, a career, a teacher or a cherished friend.

Now is a perfect time to let someone dear hear that they matter; that you may not be able to see them but you carry them with you.