Bring in Some Green

Zenniam _ Bring in some green plants pot plants greenery
BRING IN SOME GREEN // You may be the worst gardener in the world but you can still bring the beauty and softness of nature into your home.

House plants are magnificent. They definitely add colour and life to a room; but it is so disappointing and frustrating to see wilted, ugly plants with shrivelled brown leaves confronting you after you have given them your kindness and attention.

Succulents may be your saviour. I simply break off larger stems and instead of planting them l place them in a vase or bottle of water. They last months and there is no maintenance at all.

Alternatively try cutting some large leaves and place these in bottles. They add a wonderful flash of colour and will give you colour and happiness for a very long time without the need for any gardening expertise or upkeep.

Put them where you can see them and don’t worry l am positive you can’t over green a room!