The Zenniam Apothecary

Crystals are formed in nature when liquids cool and the molecules rush to stabilise as the liquid hardens to become solid material matter. Beyond science, there is so much beauty and truth to be found in that statement alone. The idea of atoms reacting to a rapid change by using their energy to shift and bond into something strong and everlasting. Many crystals start small but as more atoms join and create a uniform and repetitive pattern, the crystal grows. Crystals are a sublime dance between art and science, reality and rare dream, and it's essential to understand these gorgeous ancient gifts from the earth so that we can respect and revel in the journey these gems have taken to sit upon our wrist or in our hands or to occupy the space that we make for them. We find the crystal shape and pattern scattered throughout nature - and in fact, the word crystal even comes from the ancient Greek word Krustallos, which translates to both ice/ crystal.


At Zenniam we take our community and environment, as well as their wellbeing and protection very seriously. It is paramount to us personally and to our business culture that we do all that we can to ensure that the products we produce do not harm or damage the life of another. As crystals are overwhelmingly an undisclosed by product from large mineral and natural resource mining sites, it is extremely difficult to monitor and track the exact location that our crystals are sourced from. Crystals of our calibre are not the primary product of the mining industry, there just isn’t enough money in them to warrant the large cost of operation. They are a secondary product that is often discarded. It is these abandoned piles that can attract poor families to fossick for gems among the rubble; just as some families would pick over tip sites, as a source of income to be able to support themselves.This is a truth we want to acknowledge so that we are as open and honest as we can be about the effect of our crystals, and in fact all natural resources, have on the world as a whole. Two thirds of everything we take from the earth is wasted (National Geographic). It is for this reason that we have gone to great effort to make a quality product that will be cherished and appreciated. In so doing we are paying homage to this amazing planet we call home and valuing the work and effort of people who are doing what they can to survive. Please know that we take great effort in cleansing and re-setting the intention of each crystal, but don’t let that diminish your appreciation of the journey that each small piece has taken to get to you.


amethyst, crown charka, amazonite, throat charka, African turquoise, Aquamarine, heart charka
Selected stones are used for our collection; however all stones are available in our Zenniam Bespoke service.