Mookaite is a very special part of the Australian landscape. It was discovered in dry creek beds in Mooka Creek, Kennedy Ranges, Western Australia. In one of the local indigenous Aboriginal languages the word Mooka means 'running water'.  It is a form of sedimentary rock and a type of Jasper. Part of the stone is made from the microscopic, skeletal remains of tiny nanoplankton fossils. It has a Mohs hardness factor of 6-7 so it is a durable, hardy stone, but in its raw state it can be brittle and fracture quite easily. Because of the diverse and vibrant range of colours within each stone, it is believed to help a diverse range of energies throughout the body. Supports: Adventure, Ageless spirit, Young at heart, Negativity shield, Motivation, Energy, Self worth, Potential, Beauty, Grounding, Protection