Carnelian is found in many lands across the world, including USA, Uruguay, India, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland and Romania. It has a Mohs hardness factor of 7 and is a member of the quartz chalcedony family. Carnelian has a long and prestigious history, being a favourite stone of many famous icons. The goddess Isis used this beautiful stone to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. It was also a favourite of Arab kings and royalty, especially in the use of signet rings and seals. In fact, even Prophet Mohammed was said to wear a carnelian seal ring.  Long seen as a talisman of courage and protection, many carried Carnelian into battle, including Napoleon Bonaparte.  Whilst others, including the French and English wore or carried Carnelian as a source of good luck. Supports: Ambition, Endurance, Creativity, Passion, Manifestation, Fertility, Action, Motivation, Courage, Fatigue, Despair, Vitality, Energizer