Spring Clean

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SPRING CLEAN // It may be Spring where you are but it’s certainly not here in OZ. But that can’t stop us from giving our homes a good spring clean, and maybe taking it one step further and spring cleaning our lives and lifestyles. So many of us get into a rut.
Our homes remain the same, even though we’ve been sick of those ugly tiles for decades or tired of those tatty drapes for even longer.

Now is probably not the time to take on a home renovation but we can certainly put in place ideas for when our lives are rebooted and back in action.

Why stop at our homes’ needs? It could be the perfect time to think about the wonderful things that we want to do with our lives, as well as the things that it is time to clear out.

Don’t let this one get too heavy!

Now is not the time to be weighed down mentally, with taking drastic actions in regard to your life or physically, with changes you decide to make to your home.

It is however a good time to ponder what you want, how you are going to get it and what this all looks like in your brand new, spring cleaned life and home.