Cleaning Is Exercise

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CLEANING IS EXERCISE // So, the gyms are closed and you really aren’t motivated by a Hemsworth lifting homemade weights. Exercise is one of those things that looks great on your daily planner but often it’s the hardest thing to actually work up the energy or inspiration to do on your own.

But think outside the square! Exercise does not have to be a full routine of cardio or weight lifting.

Why not cross two things off your to do list and make cleaning into a daily workout routine?! Think of how proud you’ll be with the results (of your body and home) if you actually move some furniture to vac underneath- this is definitely muscle building; or at the bright, shiny tiles and mirrors that are gleaming in the bathroom- this will definitely give you an energetic cardio workout if your white areas look as fawn as mine.

Why not bend and pick up the Lego or screwed up clothing one piece at a time; or slowly and deliberately bend and stretch as you hang that third load of washing.

Imagine the pleasure of collapsing in your pristine lounge.
Tomorrow let’s tackle the bedroom!