Cosy Corner

Zenniam _ Cosy Corner

COSY CORNER // Spending so much time at home means that we need to make ourselves as comfortable as possible.

Most of us, if we look around our homes can find a chair that we like to sit in.
Remembering that there will be no visitors, and no one will see our homes except our nearest and dearest; why not move this chair to a spot in your home that feels welcoming.

It might be a light and airy spot or a moody, cosy corner. Add a small table, box or tray, a cushion or two and maybe a comfy rug. Take a good look around your home and collect the things that make you happy, like a book, a vase or pot plant or even a lamp, especially if you’re going to read or do puzzles.

Cushions on the floor can make a really inviting nest, especially if you have a family all needing their own ‘Me Time’ and a cosy spot to retreat too.

It may even be the answer to family peace or at least a solution for added rest and relaxation.