12 Crystals you need in your life according to Vogue

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Adele swears by them for stage fright, Victoria Beckham ritually places them backstage at her runway shows and Miranda Kerr uses them to filter her skincare line.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years, and although their powers are not rooted in science, they’ve never been more popular than in 2019. While many crystal lovers are quite happily on board with the idea that the stones have magical properties, rationalist fans might point towards studies on the placebo effect and the discovery (by Marie Curie’s husband Pierre) of piezoelectric crystals, which generate electricity under pressure, as proof of their power.

It doesn’t really matter what you believe, the fact is the Pantone-perfect hues of crystals look great on Instagram, and if they boost your mood as well as your likes, no one’s complaining. With crystal stores popping up across the globe, from She’s Lost Control in London to Spellbound Sky in LA (a favourite with Cara Delevingne), you can infuse your whole life with crystals – in sandals, water bottles, soaps, skincare… even dildos (see Chakrubs) and beds (Notting Hill’s Cloud Twelve spa has dolomite quartz beds in the couple’s suite and Manhattan’s Modrn Sanctuary offers crystal light bed therapy).

“I’ve always said that just because someone is carrying a crystal, it doesn’t mean they’re not a bitch,” says Browns brand engagement director Tyler Psarras. No stranger to the fast-paced corporate world, she has been using crystals for over 20 years because they “quieten the mind and allow you to focus. But unless you are consciously connecting with them, you’re simply carrying around a few pretty rocks.” Psarras suggests incorporating crystals into a daily mindfulness practice: “Be aware of your breath, close your eyes and tune into the presence of your crystal and that space of stillness.”

New to the world of crystals and not sure where to start? “Choose from your gut,” says Emma Lucy Knowles, author of The Power of Crystal Healing. “Use your senses to drive you to what you need, rather than what you think you should have.” And follow the advice of Yulia Van Doren aka @Goldirocks, author of Crystals: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing. Here, she gives us her lowdown on the top 12 crystals for beginners.



This lavender or violet stone helps you unplug from unhealthy attachments, and powerfully cleanses body, mind and aura from negative and/or addictive patterns. It is also believed to have protective powers.


Clear quartz

This clear stone holds the full spectrum of colour within it, lightening, brightening and powering up our modern lives (literally: see quartz technology). The most abundant crystal on our planet, it is believed to amplify the effects of other crystals and clear stagnant energies. Simply hold your stone and concentrate on your desired action, outcome or feeling.


Rose quartz

The classic love crystal, rose quartz is legendary for its association with healing heartbreak and opening hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion and true love, whether that be romantic, family, self-love or universal. Wonderful to keep in any and all the rooms of your home.



Bright-orange citrine is sunshine encapsulated in a crystal – a focused, heat-inducing light for sparking bright fires under your motivations, inspirations and ambitions. A classic stone of prosperity, luck and generosity, it’s recommended for workspaces to keep creative ideas flowing.


Lapis lazuli

We each have our “story”, our own version of history that we cling to and identify with, both positively and negatively. Lapis, with its gold- and white-flecked, vivid blue hue, compels us to throw off the security blanket of those stories and empowers us to take responsibility for our choices. This is the stone of action.



This bright blue and green stone has an ancient history, beloved by indigenous cultures, royalty and glam hippies alike for its perceived sacred, protective, healing powers. Native Americans revere turquoise as a representation of earth consciousness. Wear it to strengthen your commitment to walking lightly on our planet, and living in awareness and respect of nature.



Rainbow fluorite, with its bands of green, purple, blue and white, is a crystal of focus, clear thinking, and inspiration. A “cooling” stone, it’s thought to help reduce inflammation in both body and mind, and clear mental fog and disorganisation, making it fantastic for study, work, and general productivity.


Tiger’s eye

With its brown and gold stripes, tiger’s eye is believed to hold a strong, activating energy, poking at tucked-away corners of the psyche, unearthing unpleasant feelings and pushing boundaries. Use it in combination with an energy-moving stone such as amethyst to help transmute the energetic sludge this crystal can loosen up.



A stone of abundance and luck, jade, in all its shades of green, has been prized by ancient Aztecs and modern tech moguls alike. This is a crystal for getting to know your “self”, and once you’ve done that, you will be able to focus your time and energy on the things that naturally align with your gifts and skills – which leads to (you guessed it) success and luck in the material world, as well as a deep sense of fulfilment.


Black tourmaline

An energy heavyweight, this opaque, jet-black crystal is favoured for its grounding appeal. Think of this crystal as a guard dog that tirelessly protects your personal boundaries, deflecting negative energy from your aura and home. Keep one nearby and sleep with it at your feet whenever you feel untethered or unsafe.



This dark green, red-flecked stone is prized for its strengthening and grounding properties, and is believed to open portals to mystical and elemental realms, as well as strengthen your body’s circulation. This is a great crystal to keep around when you’re cleansing, detoxing or just recovering from a late night out.



Fire-coloured, with shades of orange, red and brown, carnelian’s gifts lie in energising you in myriad ways. Lacking the energy and focus to bring your creative daydreams into reality? Carnelian. Need a confidence boost? Carnelian. Bedroom activities need some spice? Carnelian! Bonus tip: bring carnelian to the gym for a pocket-sized personal trainer who will always encourage you to do your very best.