Zenniam _ Breathe shower girl steam
BREATHE // Now is not the time to overburden ourselves with achieving or excelling at anything. Now is a time of gentle self- appreciation and acceptance. Of sitting quietly and peacefully, and most of all of taking deep breathes. 

Why not try this simple but very important technique for clearing your body and mind. 

Sit quietly, or pause where you are. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable to do so (I say this because you might need to practice this in the supermarket or public transport etc). Breathe in deeply, sending the fresh, new air to the extremities of your body. Focus on sending it to areas where you feel knots, pain or discomfort.
Imagine it flowing through your organs and over your bones; revitalising, cleansing and clearing as it expands within your cells. 

Breathe out. Expelling all of your stagnant air, your build- up of aches and niggles, as well as the words and thoughts that are burdening your mind. 

Repeat often!! Relax into the peace that you have created, and appreciate the stillness that we welcome, in these moments that we spend looking after ourselves.