Let Fresh Air In

Zenniam Let Fresh Air in Blog Post Bedroom Sunlight


LET FRESH AIR IN // In Australia most of us are lucky enough to still have beautiful weather at this time of year, so for us it is wonderful to simply open the windows and doors and let the fresh air in.
But even if you are coming out of the cold, there is nothing more refreshing than putting on an extra jumper and letting the breeze run through your home.

Feel it cleanse your entire space as it flows around and through, bringing a freshness that removes stagnant air and stale energy. Who knows it may even do the dusting as it goes.

If the air is too brisk, this does not have to be a long process. But for the rest of us, find a doorstop, wedge open the window with a book and welcome the freshness of nature from the safety of your home.