Bucket List

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BUCKET LIST // So, we are all stuck at home and have cancelled or postponed those holidays we had booked or adventures we had planned.

This is not the end of those plans; it just gives you time to improve on what might have been a pretty mundane time away. The very lucky amongst us may have holiday, cruise or airline credits to use when the world returns to normal. For the rest of us we have the whole planet to inspire us as to where we would like to go, what we want to see and what we dream to experience.

Luckily, we also have the internet to be grateful for. Now we can use this gift of time to research the unique and intricate details of places that we have longed to visit.

How rewarding it will be to spend some time exploring the world from your computer. Being inspired by the places, people and cultures who you one day dream to visit.

But don’t overlook the idea of finding gold in your own backyard! Make sure to use some of that research time to search for amazing things, experiences, organisations and people who are doing brilliant and interesting things which could inspire you when you step back out into your own neighbourhood.