Amazonite deposits are found around the world, including USA, Canada, Russia, Turkey and China. Amazonite is a variety of potassium feldspar called microline. It is a durable, opaque or translucent stone. Amazonite was named after the Amazon river, though bizarrely it doesn't appear that it has ever been found there. It is a stone that has been used for centuries, first by ancient babylonians  to craft seals then in jewellery, amulets and even tablets (script) by ancient Egyptians as early as three thousand years ago. In fact an amazonite scarab beetle was found in Tutankhamens tomb. Maybe this was to ease his journey and give him good luck and good fortune on his arrival in his next life? But who knows? Amazonite supports: Communication, Stress relief, Relationships, Hope, Playfulness, Self worth, Calming, Happiness, Love, Joy, Self discovery, Insight, Adventures and Inner peace.