About Us

At Zenniam we want to help you live your life deliberately and with purpose, to face your inhibitions, explore your destiny and fulfil your dreams. Each piece of jewellery is empowered with intention so as to help you, or someone special that receives your Zenniam gift, to stop and think about what is holding you back, what you need a little bit more of in your day, or to provide you with the inspiration needed to achieve a brilliant, vibrant and successful  life. Zenniam pieces are much more than a pretty possession! Each piece has been cleansed and blessed with the intention outlined on the accompanying card. Wear it, believe in it and let it support you and guide you through the journey you are on

Zenniam is the proud achievement of mother and daughter team, Nellie and Amy Barbour. 
Together we ventured into jewellery design in 2013 with a free flowing boho range that we produced with the thought of making something beautiful that could be layered with the purchasers existing jewellery, hence extending the life of their jewellery box items, decreasing land fill and opening people’s minds to sustainable shopping and living.

But year after year we became more disillusioned with just making a pretty product when it was so apparent that an ever increasing number of our close community and the world as a whole, needed support, strength and maybe more importantly the knowledge that they mattered and someone cared about them. We knew that crystals were the answer and the universe helped with an easy transition into the beautiful, meaningful products that we produce today.

Zenniam {formerly Wyse Design} has become much more than a jewellery label, it now stands for thoughtfulness, inspiration, personal development, community welfare and the importance of each individual. We want everyone to live the best life they can imagine with the love and support of a village around them. Though we strive to make our jewellery beautiful, listen to your SOUL when choosing your piece so that the intention it has been empowered with can help and guide you on this wonderful adventure we call LIFE.

Together Nellie and Amy are doing what they love.


nellie Barbour Amy Barbour Wyse Design


 We are a family on a journey of discovery; Instilling our love of the village lifestyle, the importance of each individual and the amazing healing vibrations of crystals into each piece that we create. Sharing the power of intention and the strength of feeling loved and in control of your own destiny is paramount to what we want each of our jewellery wearers to experience.

Personally we believe strongly in the healing powers of crystals but we understand that often it can be hard for people to fully appreciate that which they cannot see. That’s ok, we understand and want our jewellery to be just as precious because of who gave it to you or the intentions and messages that they carry with them; just knowing what a crystal symbolises might just be enough to awaken you to it’s purpose in your life!

Sometimes all you need is belief in yourself or the knowledge that you are not alone for your world to open up and offer you amazing opportunities; or even just the strength to change that one characteristic that keeps you bound to your current life situation.

Zenniam jewellery may not change your life but it could improve your day and who knows where that could lead?



 Our mission at Zenniam is simple, it is to offer hope, strength and love!

 Our communities have become so fast paced and hectic that often we forget to stop and look after ourselves and those we love. Our jewellery is the perfect way to show someone that they are not alone and that you care about them. Obviously they are also great to wear yourself to remind you of what is important or what you may need a little extra of in your life.

We are not saying that they will fix all of your problems. What we offer is a beautiful piece of jewellery that has been blessed with intentions which we hope provides you with some of the support and inspiration you may need to live a healthy life full of strength, love and adventures; surrounded by a wonderful village of people who care about you.



We strongly believe in social responsibility, giving back to enforce positive change in our world community.​ Studying and working in fashion for over 15 years we are aware of the impact that the industry has on the world. Fast fashion plays such a negative role in todays society & people are so quick to replace items and shop on the high street. We aim to create pieces that will be loved and treasured for years and seasons to come. 

 We aim to reduce the impact of the carbon emissions and other environmental impacts during transport of all Zenniam products. Therefore all parcels sent domestically within Australia (where possible) are dispatched with Sendle. Sendle is a 100% Carbon neutral carrier. Zenniam is also a DHL GoGreen partner. Being a GoGreen partner means that all international Zenniam parcels take optimised transport routes, alternative drive vehicles and energy-efficient warehouses to reduce CO2 and emissions and other environmental impacts.  

As Zenniam grows we endeavour to introduce a way that collectively we can give back to the world.